There are many considerations to make, prior to purchasing or selling a property.

We provide advice and guidance to clients looking to purchase farms, country estates, potential & consented development land, country houses and amenity & equestrian properties.

To assist clients with the decision to purchase a property and/or make an offer to purchase a property, we provide an Acquisition Service, whereby we produce an Acquisition Report which includes;

  • Overview of the property
  • Planning history & potential
  • Property market commentary
  • Comparable property sales in the area
  • Asking price analyses and potential offer
  • Important considerations

The Acquisition Report can be either be produced with or without an inspection of the property. It is worth noting, the Acquisition Report is not a Red Book Valuation and cannot be relied upon for lending purposes.

We also provide advice and guidance to those who are looking to sell their property and are looking to achieve the maximum sale price and appeal to as many potential purchasers as possible. Such advice and guidance includes identifying and realising potential development or rental value.

If you are looking for assistance or guidance in either purchasing or selling a property, please get in touch with us.